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Rich, Creamy and Cheesy? Wedding Cheesecake

Getting Married OR celebrating a Wedding Anniversary? Do you want to be different, unique, think outside of the box? Tired of traditional wedding cakes? Don't want a dessert bar? and you just can't stand to look at another Cupcake tower? Well at Sweet Confections Cakes we have the perfect solution for you! Cheesecake!! Now featuring wedding cheesecake by Sweet Confections Cakes Cheesecake is the perfect solution for those who do not want traditional cakes, they can be the "wedding cake" or side cake. We offer an elegant alternative to a traditional wedding cake by decorating tiered cheesecake OR a traditional fruit topped cheesecake. Your guests will go crazy with excitement while you make their mouths water! For the crust we offer three options: 1.) a thin layer of cake... great for those who prefer the best of both worlds and those who like just a little of the rich decedent cheesecake. 2.) traditional craham cracker crust 3.) a chocolate crust While the Cheesecake can be decorated with icing and fondant just like your traditional wedding cake you MUST keep in mind it is still cheesecake! They must be kept chilled/refrigerated and are best if put out right before the reception starts and served within a couple of hours. Any left over cheesecake MUST be put in the refrigerator right away. Cheesecakes can become a health issue if left out. They are NOT recommended for an outdoor event and your venue MUST be able to refrigerate the Cheesecake until the start of the reception!

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