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Versace BabyShower

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a special event and a celebration to be remembered for years to come. Since every child is unique your babyshower should be just as special and unique whether its the first baby or the third baby... after all it's all about commemorating the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

What a fantastic event! The white and gold color palette is absolutely fabulous and I love the ornate desserts! This party is full of ideas that could work perfectly for any royal themed event!

Royal Versace Babyshower ideas to look for:

  • The Versace themed table runner

  • The fabulous Royal Versace Cake

  • The Royal “mommy and daddy to be” Throne chairs

  • The ornate Versace Cupcakes

  • The cute Versace themed rice krispy treats

  • The Versace themed dessert plates and napkins

  • The fabulous Gold and White Balloons

  • and the unique custom gift boxes

Vendors: Designer Cake:

  • Designer Cake:

  • Cupcakes: Sweet Confections Cakes

  • Royalty Throne Chairs: (910)55PARTY

  • #iparty4aliving

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