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Let your wedding day be one of the most special and memorable days of your guests lives from the ceremony, to the end of the evening with the cake, and leave them wanting more with an edible wedding favor from Sweet Confections Cakes.  Not only is it a day to celebrate love and commitment, it is also a chance for you to show your style as a couple as you embark in your Married Life.  

A wedding theme is a reflection of style that can be mirrored in so many details of the day from the save the date, to the invitations, the venue selection and decorations then ending with customized tasty wedding favors.    At Sweet Confections Cakes we understand that no two couples are exactly alike, and that each love is unique and one-of-a-kind. That's why we strive to deliver personalized edible wedding favors for your one-of-a-kind wedding.  After you have chosen a theme, whether it's based on a hobby, a location, color palette or anything in between we can help you create  personalized favors with custom packaging and decorations without all of the hassles of having to order on-line or paying to have items shipped.

There are so many wedding favors that are silly little trinkets with couples’ names and wedding dates…. let’s be honest, most of those little trinkets end up in the trash, and are therefore a waste of money.   Studies show 70% of wedding favors are left at the the reception site only to be thrown in the trash as the room is cleaned following your event.  Another startling 15% that make it from the reception site are left in the hotel room, lobby or restrooms as guest leave the venue.  The other 10% that make their way to your guests home is left to collect dust for approx. 3-6 months before being put in the trash or recycle bin. 


Caramel Apples      Caramel Apples w/Nuts    Chocolate Apple w/Nuts         Caramel Pears                             Caramel Pears w/Nuts         Chocolate Pears       Chocolate Pears w/Nuts
                Cake Pops      Monogram Cookies      Mini Cake Push-ups         Cake Pushups  
           Tiered Cookie Cakes     Customized Baby Cakes          Customized Madeline Cookies          Customized Cupcakes             Gourmet Apples            Gourmet Pears         Candy Apples                                                   Mini Wedding Cakes                  Miniature Pies        
 *MOST items come prepackaged and can be personalized.  
Currently We offer:
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