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Q.  I heard a rumor you moved, is this true?

We are located at 4702 Fritchey Street, Harrisburg, Pa 17112. Situated behind Stephenson's Flowers/Essis & Son Carpets.  Look for our signage visible from Rt.22. 

​Q. Do you offer tastings or consultations? 
  Yes, we offer free wedding consultations,  paid individual cake tastings as well as Monthly paid Cake tastings . During the consultation we will discuss your wedding cake ideas, and h
ow Sweet Confections Cakes can help you create the perfect wedding cake all while you view our extensive wedding cake portfolio.  

Q. Can I select the cakes I want to sample during my cake tasting?

   Yes, but only if you choose the individual/private cake tasting.  For the individual cake tastings we have selected several of our most popular wedding cake flavors for sampling you can choose up to 4 cake flavors to sample. 

 If there is a flavor you want to sample that is not on the list, we ask the you purchase a small 6" sample cake to have available during the tasting, these cakes meant for TASTINGS... they are NOT decorated.  Pricing:

$50.00 no filling

$65.00 filling included

$75.00 Alcohol based
If you elect to attend the monthly paid cake tasting event, held on the 3rd Sunday of each month we  will have various cake flavors (minimum of 6 flavors), fillings, mousse and icings on hand to allow you to mix and match to find your perfect flavor combination. In addition we will have 2 items from our dessert line available to sample.

Q. How many people can I bring with me?
Although cake tasting is an element of your event that often times the whole family is eager to be a part of, We have found it a bit difficult to focus when there is too much input. Our cake studio can accommodate four guests, so we ask that you limit the amount of people you bring to the consultation.  

Q.  I am considering Cheesecake for my wedding, I want to sample cheesecake, is there a fee?

Yes, to sample cheesecake the fee is $50.00, let us know which 2 cheesecake flavors you want to sample.  Our cheesecake flavors can be found on our website.                                                                                      

Q. Is it appropriate to bring my children to the consultation, we want them to take part in the process?
We do not suggest bringing children to the consultation as they can become rather lengthy, please keep in mind children bore rather quickly and become restless.  While it’s great to want to include them in the process, please make certain they can remain attentive should the consult take more than an hour.

Q. How long can we expect to be there?
An hour is set-aside for each client, which has proven to be ample time to both design and taste our cakes. Often, appointments are scheduled before and after yours so please plan to be on time so we have a full hour. Because consultations must be scheduled, we ask that you kindly give a courtesy call if you must reschedule your appointment.  This allows for other brides to come in if we have two or more requests for the same day/time.  Our time is just as important as yours, I’m sure you would not want to show up for an appointment and have no-one there to greet you.  So, please be considerate.

Q. What should I bring to the consultation?
We highly recommend that you bring a color swatch if you want to  incorporate any particular colors on your cake. Additionally, any element from your event that you feel we can draw inspiration from is great to bring as well. Pictures of your dress, venue, your invitations or design motif… a monogram, color swatches… a piece of wrapping paper that catches your eye… it can all be helpful if you have a particular design in mind, bring a picture of it along for discussion. 

Q. Can I schedule a consultation even if I don’t know where my event is going to be?
  It is required that you have a venue reserved prior to your appointment.  It is also helpful to have considered floral and theme decisions prior to your consultation.  Because our creations are very labor intensive, we accept bookings for a very limited number of weddings each week.

Q. Do you have pictures of cakes that you have made?
  Yes, our portfolio has hundreds of cakes for you to browse through and we have endless ideas. The design process is definitely a collaborative effort and we’ll keep going until you have a design you love.

Q. What Can I Expect To Pay For A Wedding Cake? 
We do not have a general price list because each cake is one-of-a-kind. All of our cakes are custom and priced based on required servings, flavor, and design details.  We will gladly give you a quote via our wedding cake quote form OR during your wedding cake consultation.  

Q.  I am a bride on an extremely tight budget, can I afford on of your wedding cakes?
It's best to keep the cake small and designs simple.  The more details you require more more the cake will cost,  as it will require a cake artist with high skill levels.  In addition the more time it will require to create the cake.  

Q. Do I have to make a deposit to reserve my wedding date? 
If so, how much is it and can I get a refund, if necessary?
Yes, you will need to make a $200 deposit to reserve your wedding date on our calendar.  We ask that you be absolutely certain that you would like to work with us, as all deposits are date specific non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable.  Meaning you cannot use it towards any cake other than your wedding cake.

Q. I am not ready to make design decisions yet, 
but I want to reserve our date so you don’t get booked up, is that possible?

   Yes. You may reserve your date with the required deposit.  Again, we ask that you be absolutely certain that you would like to work with us, as all deposits are date specific and non-refundable.

Q.  Do you require a deposit on equipment?
Equipment/material deposits are necessary for all cake equipment, pillars, plateaus, and stands.  Deposits will be refunded provided equipment is returned within 3 days of your event.  Items must be returned cleaned and in the original condition it was received.  Items not cleaned will be charged a cleaning fee minimum $150.00.  You will be charged the full replacement fee as well as any associated shipping and handling fees to broken/damaged items.

Q.  Do you deliver?
Yes.  Our delivery area includes both the East and West Shores.  Delivery fees are additional and determined based on the distance, travel time, and set-up requirements.  Because our time is limited and delivery fees can become rather expensive, we ask that you pick-up your cake if the serving size is 75 or less.

Q. Do you deliver out of state?
Yes, however only cakes that require on-site assembly will be delivered.  Delivery fee is determined by the distance from our bakery in Harrisburg, Pa to the delivery site, roughly $150 per hour.  We will travel up to a maximum of 5 hours from Harrisburg.

Q. Do you make sugar free, gluten free or vegan cakes? 
Currently we offer gluten-free, eggless, dairy free and vegan cakes. Unfortunately we do not have a sugar free recipe available at this time.  We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients of highest quality available on the market. Because of this you may find some our prices tend to be just a little higher than some of the local bakeries.  We believe ingredients really do make all the difference and we are committed to using only the finest products available.

Q. Do you make "center piece" table cakes, individual cakes, or cupcakes for weddings?
  Yes. We do custom designed cupcakes priced per person. Individual cakes single tier "centerpiece" table cakes start at $125 per table cake. Individual one serving cakes start at $50 per person.  Please contact us for additional information.
Q. Will my cake be fresh when delivered, I hear several bakeries freeze there cakes before delivery.
   Our cakes are NEVER frozen!  They are baked fresh and decorated for your event whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any special event.  You can be sure if it's a Sweet Confections Cake it will not only look great but taste awesome! 

Q. Do you offer a Military Discount? 
Yes!  Both owners served in the Military, we are retired military members and want to give back to our fellow military members by offering a 10% military discount.  Some restrictions apply, current military ID must be presented a time of order.   You must pay 50% of balance at time of order to apply discount.  No other discounts or coupons can be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

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