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Show That Cake off!

Rent a Cupcake or Cake stand,   Let's Elevate

Why Elevate Your Cake
Regardless of whether or not you rent a plateau from Sweet Confections Cakes, please consider using some type of elevation for your cake. If your cake table has a lot of decorations such as "puddled" linens, the bottom tier of your cake can get lost within the decorations. Something as simple as a plastic crate with a table cloth over it can work as an effective plateau. Be creative. We  even offer tree stumps and crates for rustic, woodsland or an outdoor themed Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 15/16,  Memorable Birthday Celebrations, Baby showers, etc..


Cupcake Stands

We offer various styles of cupcake stands and crates to display cupcakes.  Don't waste money purchasing stands you'll only use once when you can rent a cupcakes tier stand.  We offer them in White, Silver, Gold, with Bling, clear acrylic and rustic wood style cupcake stands.


Cake Plateau
A plateau is a "drum" style cake stand, which normally range in height from about 3” to 7”. Silver is the most readily available, but other types such as Suspended, Bling, Gold and Wrought iron are possible. Some plateaus are carved and ornate while others are plain and smooth. The plateau can add height and formality to your wedding cake and makes a very showy cake table. Currently, we offer a number of different sized square, round  and a Octagon plateau available for rent as long as you are purchasing your cake from Sweet Confections Cakes.  The rental fee is $25.00 for Silver, Gold, Glass, or Wrought Iron Stands.  Sorry, we do NOT rent cake stands OR plateau's if your cake is NOT purchased from Sweet Confections Cakes.

Bling Stands

Rhinestone/Bling styles require a $50 rental fee.  We require equipment deposit on rental items to ensure items are returned.  Most items require a $150.00 OR more equipment deposit whereas, Rhinestone/Bling style stands require a $300.00 refundable equipment deposit.  The Equipment is your responsibility to keep safe, your deposit is returned when our equipment is returned Clean, Unbroken, and no missing parts.  All Equipment MUST be returned by the Wednesday following the wedding.

Suspended Chandelier Cake Stand

Sweet Confections Cakes is the first bakery (only bakery so far) in the Harrisburg area to offer suspended/hanging Cakes... the rental and set-up/removal fee for hanging/suspended cakes is $100.00.  They take time to hang and we must make certain your venue can support a suspended wedding cake.  We supply the necessary cables and hardware to suspend the cake stands.  


Chandelier Cake Table
Chandelier Cake table, we are the only bakery in Central Pennsylvania that offers a chandelier cake table.... this is great for venues that does not have the ability to suspend a cake from the ceiling so if you something unique to showcase her simple yet elegant cake.  The Chandelier Cake table rental fee is $100.00, it includes delivery and pick up to the local area.

Please remember the plateau will be supporting your cake and must be structurally sound and level. Also make sure that the plateau you choose compliments your cake. Typically, round cakes look good on round plateaus, square cakes look good on square plateaus. The size of the plateau in relation to your cake is also important. I can work with you to ensure your cake fits your plateau like a glove.

If I have not talked you into a plateau yet think about this, A plateau will add a whole tier to your cake for as little as $25!                                       So, what are you waiting for?  

                     Let's raise the bar and kick that cake up a level!!

White Cupcake Tier

(also available in Silver and Gold)

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