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Planning A Special Event?
Baby Shower, Birthday, Bridal Shower? 

Well, you've come to the right place! At Sweet Confections Cakes every cake is a custom cake and a true specialty product! 

1st rule to ordering specialty cakes:
You get what you pay for in the specialty cake business!

There are many other decorators doing cakes for much less than us but the ingredients, dedication and attention to detail all suffer.  Many bakeries stay with the style they are comfortable with and don't venture out on a limb to try something new. We love trying new designs and being creative, we enjoy creating cakes that are certain to impress your guests! So, what are you waiting for? Let your cake be the talk of the party, call us today 

2nd rule : Be confident in your bakers skills!  
When you order a cake from Sweet Confections Cakes, you are assured of:
Top quality and taste utilizing the finest ingredients
a warm and friendly expert to do business with
high quality skilled design artwork   

3rd and Lastly:  if your bakery is quoting a price far below our price for the same exact cake... remember if it sounds to good to be true then it's really to good to be true!  You get what you pay for.  The pricing should be considerably close in nature for comparable cakes.


WOW!  Your cakes are expensive 

There are a few things that factor into the COST of our cakes. It might help you to know and understand when ordering a custom cake.

*You're not just paying for flour, sugar and eggs—You're paying for time, artistry, skill, expertise, professionalism, safety, and the assurance hat we are fully committed to delivering a product we stand behind. A cake that not only looks and tastes great, but that is created in a licensed and insured facility.  We are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. (Certified Pastry Chefs, and/or award-winning Cake ARTISTS.). We believe in fair wages for skilled employees just as you expect to earn a decent wage from your employer.


*Our products are created using high-quality ingredients. High quality ingredients cost top dollars, but it's what makes our products taste great. You are NOT getting a cake from an unlicensed cake baker unaware of food safety, nor are you getting a cake from a big box store or grocery store that many times arrive frozen and pre-baked.  


*TIME & Skills - It takes ON AVERAGE about 10-12 (or more) hours to shop for, mix, bake, design, and decorate your custom EDIBLE ART show-piece, which will NO DOUBT be the FOCAL point at your event!  We go through rigorous health department inspections, food safety training, and various on-going training courses and/or seminars to be able to create your custom item. 


*And remember, when you order a custom/specialty cake that is what we create for you!   Custom designs require a skilled specialized cake artist.    So... please don't insult us by asking us to lower our price, that would be like your boss asking you to work for only a portion of your pay.  You can't truly believe a custom created item holds less value or is less worthy of the fair price we request.  I will never understand why people will spend $300 or more for name brand footwear mass produced for just a fraction of it's value but squawk at pricing when working with a small business that creates custom edible art.

Have a question about ordering a cake OR need a price quote? Complete the form below.

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