Frequently asked questions

Planning Special Events

How long does it take to make a cake, in other words when must I order?

Our workload is determined by the number and complexity of cakes in a given week and some weeks can sell out early… especially during wedding season. I can’t emphasize enough… plan ahead… book early… book early… book early! It’s the best way we can guarantee that we will be able to do your cake!! Again, we ask that you plan ahead it's important to know that most of the cakes we do are detailed, very labor intensive, and they take a LOT of time.

I only need a simple birthday/dinner cake how much notice do you need?

Most times a single round cake, simple decorators choice absolutely NO 3d items, NO carving, and nothing detailed can ordered and completed within 72 hours. Tell us your theme and color choices it will be decorated accordingly and must be paid in FULL at time of order.

How do I order a cake?

Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. We ask that you get a price quote first if you want a specific design. We require 50% payment to secure your date on our calendar. If you are ordering and picking up within the same week payment in full is expected at time of order. You can come into the bakery to pay OR call and pay over the phone using a credit card.

Do you deliver?

We only delivery large 3D cakes, and large wedding cake orders. Smaller event cakes must be picked up at the bakery.

Do you offer dessert tables

Yes, we have dessert table packages and you can also purchase ala carte...

Can I sample cake before I order?

Yes, we offer paid cake tastings. You are welcome to signup for a private/individual cake tasting, OR our monthly cake tasting. You can always purchase a cupcake from the cupcake case if the flavor you want is available when you are in the bakery.