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Do you offer tastings or consultations?

Yes, we offer paid individual cake tastings as well as Monthly paid Cake tastings. We continue to offer free wedding consultations for those who do not need a cake tasting. During the consultation we will discuss your wedding cake ideas, and how Sweet Confections Cakes can help you create the perfect wedding cake all while you view our extensive wedding cake portfolio.

Can we select the cakes we want to sample during my cake tasting?

Yes, but only if you choose the individual/private cake tasting. For the individual cake tastings we have selected several of our most popular wedding cake flavors for sampling you can choose up to 4 cake flavors to sample. If there is a flavor you want to sample that is not on the list, we ask the you purchase a small sample cake to have available during the tasting, pricing: $10.00 no filling $12.00 filling included $15.00 Alcohol based

If you elect to attend the monthly paid cake tasting event, held on the 3rd Sunday of each month we will have various cake flavors (minimum of 6 flavors), fillings, mousse and icings on hand to allow you to mix and match to find your perfect flavor combination. In addition we will have our newest product line Cheesecakes (Minimum of 2 flavors) available to sample.

How many people can we bring to the cake tasting?

Although cake tasting is an element of your event that often times the whole family is eager to be a part of, We have found it a bit difficult to focus when there is too much input. Our cake studio can accommodate four guests, so we ask that you limit the amount of people you bring to the consultation.

We are considering Cheesecake for my wedding, we want to sample cheesecake, is there a fee?

Yes, to sample cheesecake the fee is $35.00, there is enough cheesecake for 2 people to sample. Let us know which 2 cheesecake flavors you want to sample, any extra cheesecake will be sent home for you to enjoy. Our cheesecake flavors can be found on our website, other flavors available upon request (could result in additional cost).

We are considering a Dessert Table/Bar for my wedding, do you have a list of dessert and can we sample them?

Yes, we have a listing of our most requested dessert items. To sample the desserts the fee is $35.00, let us know which 4 dessert items you want to sample from the listing that will be sent to you upon request.