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Over the years, Sweet Confections Cakes has met with hundreds of beautiful Brides, Grooms and their parents; we are honored to have worked with so many couples creating a perfect element for their sweetest day. Our desire is to make ordering your wedding cake a  process as smooth and sweet as icing on cake so you can have more time to focus on other wedding planning details.

At Sweet Confections Cakes we pay very close attention to our clients' needs and with the economic issues in today's economy we understand the need to budget every dollar.   As much as the lavishly decorated wedding cakes are desired, budget concerns lead so many brides to say they just want a delicious and "simple cake", not plain, but simple & elegant.  Sweet Confections Cakes created a Value Line of  Wedding Cakes to make ordering your cake easy and stress free. 

Simple Wedding cakes can also be very elegant.  That's  why we have selected several pre-designed simple yet elegant confectionary masterpieces that will long be remembered after it's eaten or smashed in the face of the bride and groom. Because there are beautiful simple limited designs available choosing your wedding cake becomes stress free.   Be sure to check out our value line wedding cakes.  

How can we cut the pricing so drastically?
1. We limited the cake flavor to Wedding White cake ONLY.  The OVERALL most popular, most known wedding cake flavor.  Many budget conscious brides who order their wedding cakes from the large chain stores opt for wedding white cake.   

2. Minimum serving 100... If you need more than 100 servings and want to keep cost at a minimum you can opt to get a kitchen cake to serve the additional guests. 
The Value line of cakes cannot be used to create a trio design, 3 small cakes.  The idea is to save money, you save money by saving us time!  

3. To save time our value line wedding cakes are decorated in ALL white only! we have alleviated hours of color matching, which can be a science.  You can add color by putting on your own ribbon and/or by having a friend OR  florist add flowers.  If going for a more rustic look add fresh fruit such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries for a splash of color.   

4. Standard, ROUND pre-designed cakes... absolutely NO changes permitted in design. This allows the designer to assist in decorating more detailed custom cake orders. Check out some of the possibilities below. 

5. Filling is extra.... however just a single layer of filling is permitted.  Generally our wedding cakes are torted when a filling is added, by putting just a single layer of filling this saves a lot of valuable decorating time. 

6. Delivery is extra although, you can pick up your cake for a greater savings.  Did you know that large chain stores do NOT deliver wedding cakes? If you are getting a smaller wedding cake.... opt to pick-up your cake it's another great savings for you. This can  be a  savings of $50.00 - $195 or more, depending on where the wedding cake is being delivered and how many servings you require.  
7. I am allergic to eggs, can I order an eggless value line wedding cake?  No. Unfortunately we are not able to alter the recipe for our value line cakes.  We offer eggless and other dietary related options in our regular product line. 

















Value line wedding cakes start at $4.00 per serving. 
Figure Value Line Pricing: 
Value line wedding cake for 100 guest  
100 servings  x $4.00 cost per serving =  $400.00
  NOTE: Value line cakes are not eligible for any discounts, including Military, Sweet Confections Cakes certificates that were won at an event OR venue discounts.  

Thank you for visiting the "getting married" section of our website, we hope to be at your wedding reception making your "sweet dreams" come true.    If you are on an extremely tight budget but want an awesome looking great tasting wedding cake, consider our value line wedding cakes.

          Value Line Wedding Cakes        

  Value Line Wedding Cake Pricing

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