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Celebrating your babies 1st Birthday

Many say a babies 1st birthday celebration is for the parents.... they are correct BUT it's a milestone celebrating babies last twelve months and you only get one chance to celebrate it right! Remember the first site of your little one, the first smile, the first giggle? Remember when baby first rolled over? Whether or not your little one is walking, when it comes to the First birthday, it's a once in a lifetime celebration! Of course your baby won't remember this party and your little one might even be overwhelmed with all of the attention, but Mom and Dad will remember the first birthday celebration for a life time.

It's a celebration of life and should be a memorable one - so, put your party planning skills to test! Get inspired by browsing Pinterest, Google or even Instagram for some really creative First birthday celebration ideas. From smash cakes to dessert tables to party favors Sweet Confections Cakes is your next stop!

Don't have a theme, but want something creative, think about your little ones habits... their personalities... see how creative our customer P. Le was in designing his twin Girls Anna & Emma's mischievous 1st birthday cake. An awesome 1st birthday celebration.

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