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Baby Shower Dessert Table

Planning an event can be so much fun. I love being creative and even more, I love planning events, whether it be a birthday party, a wedding or a babyshower I just love designing and be able to show my creativity... I think I belong in Texas, why? Because everything I do I do it BIG!

So when I found out we were having another grandchild I immediately started planning the babyshower. Thinking about the theme, color scheme and were the baby shower would be held. One day while out shopping, it hit me. I wanted to create an old stroller but with a new style elegant touch for a princess themed pink and bling baby shower. So the hunt began for an antique doll stroller that I could breathe new life into by recreating it as the perfect centerpiece for my event but also use it as a photo prop to create custom baby shower invitations. I found just what I was looking for at a Salvation Army store. It looked really bad, but I had a vision, I would rip all of the fabric off, paint the wheels gold and add bling. Whats, a baby shower for a girl without the bling? Just a boring get together! So... I purchased the stroller, fabric and plenty of bling! Now, its transformation was underway. Next I began to remove the fabric.... It was so old as I attempted to remove it, just started ripping as if it were paper. As you can see I found the perfect lace fabric to recover the stroller and of course l just had to add plenty of rhinestone bling. Although I wanted a very elegant Tiara I could not exactly what I wanted so when I spotted a beautiful crown I figured I would paint it gold, insert some pink fabric and add plenty of rhinestones to make it perfect for our newest princess.

.... as they say Let the Bling begin, ha, ha, ha... right, no. really of course you guessed it I blinged out the bottles, pacifiers, and all center pieces. The lace fabric has beautiful sequins and lots of shine... I opted for a dessert table instead of a huge cake.... See some of the details below.


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