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Harry Potter Baby Shower

Having a Themed Baby Shower? Check out this AWESOME set-up created by our customer Tiffany to welcome by Phoenix (mommy Crystal). You would certainly agree, Tiffany was very creative in planning the babyshower and all of the elements that went along with it. I love her Owlery and Hogwarts letter scene. She transformed the Colonial County Club into a scene right out of Harry Potter. Tiffany hand crafted the Forbidden Forrest centerpieces, the Whomping Willow guestbook, and the hand made Cornish Pixies Lantern which she created using mod podge, frosted glass spray and blue fairy lights. In addition, Tiffany planned for several games, created Harry Potter Themed signs that gave instructions some of the games they played were Night Owl Diapers, Diaper Raffle Using the triwizard cup, Decorate a One-sie, and Don't Say Baby clothespin game. Can you believe it, she even had Signature drinks "The Phoenix Feather"... wow! Awesome job Tiffany!

And, instead of friends and family bringing cards, each was asked to bring a book to create and build baby Phoenix's library such a cleaver idea. The final touch was the baby shower cake. When it came time for the cake, well you guessed it Tiffany knew she wanted Sweet Confections Cakes to create a very special themed cake for baby Phoenix... she gave the details of what she wanted from color scheme to the edible Phoenix that set on top of the cake. See what we created below. Welcome Baby Phoenix!!

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